Brian Galea

Brian Galea, MS

Brian is one of the newer additions at AYP, is Pet CPR Certified, and currently pursuing his CPDT, CTDI, and TDI Evaluator credentials.

Brian has his Bachelors in Biology from The University of Miami and his Masters of Anatomy from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He hopes one day to go to medical school, but also loves training dogs, teaching owners, and helping improve the relationship between them with positive and trust-building training methods. Brian and his Border Collie Dash engage in all types of canine fun, from tricks and agility to obedience trials and Therapy Dog volunteering. They currently volunteer at Mercy Hospital in Coconut Grove and are working to expand the number of Therapy Dog teams in South Florida. Brian’s passion is helping owners learn the best ways to communicate to their furry kids, and understand how to build a stronger relationship with them.

“If our dogs could speak English, we would all have Obedience Champions in a day. Our dogs want to make us happy, but they sometimes don’t know how. That’s why it’s our job to learn how to communicate what we want to them in a way that is consistent and easy to understand. Training isn’t about what a TV show or a book says, it’s about the kind of relationship you want to have with your dog.”

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