Briana Moglia

Briana Moglia

Briana is one of our Dog Trainers and is Pet CPR trained.

When she was young, Briana was bitten by a fearful dog her aunt had rescued. Because of this incident, her aunt decided to put the dog down. This troubled Briana. She wondered what could’ve been done to prevent something like this from happening. As she grew up, she researched and learned more about dog training. She fell in love with the world of animal training and even started training her own dog at home.  She held on to this love and desire to help dogs her whole life.

Briana graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Psychology and English. As a college student, Briana spent her summers interning for both the Long Island Aquarium and the New York Aquarium. She learned all about different training techniques, troubleshooting potential problems and the power of positive reinforcement. One day, she received an email from one of her professors asking students if anyone was interested in becoming an assistant for her dog training company, the Smart Dog Training and Behavior Company in Saratoga Springs, NY. Briana jumped on this opportunity.  She assisted with her mentor’s canine clients for a year and a half and she was in love with it. In her last semester of college, Briana was hired to be a training assistant at the Long Island Aquarium, where she previously had interned. There, she began doing sessions with their harbor seals, a prehensile-tailed porcupine, and two rats. She also was trained to shift and reward the aquarium’s Japanese snow monkeys and Geoffroy’s marmosets. Although she loved working at the aquarium, training was only a small portion of her day.

In August, she decided to move from New York to Florida. She accepted a job as a dog trainer right here at Applause Your Paws. Here, she has found a lot of joy in working with different dogs and enjoys the challenges each new session brings. Briana loves working with puppies and dogs who are new to training. She is so proud when she sees a dog the moment it finally clicks and they begin to understand the ‘training game.’ She also enjoys teaching tricks and working with reactive and fearful dogs. It is her hope that she can help owners understand how to communicate clearly to their four-legged friends. She hopes her work will give dogs the skills and owners the tools they need in order to prevent an event from happening like it did with her aunt’s dog. 

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