Mike Zawicki

Mike Zawicki

Mike is one of our Professional Dog Trainers, is PET CPR trained and currently pursuing his CPDT credential.

Mike has always had a love for dogs. In 2012 a close friend of Mike’s passed away leaving his dog behind. He rescued his friend’s dog and ever since then Mike has dedicated his work career towards dogs. He’s worked for multiple doggie daycares in New Jersey. He took the initiative to study on his own and learn dog body language in order to help fearful dogs be confident in a playgroup setting.

In 2014, Mike moved to Florida and continued to work with dogs. While working at a dog daycare facility, he met Elise and Jess and was told by them that Applause Your Paws has an apprentice trainer program which he happily applied for. In June of 2016 Dee got in contact with Mike and he is now pursuing his dream of being a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. He is enjoying every second of it and is learning more and more each day.

In his spare time, Mike loves to take his trio of dogs out to the lake, beach, and even on a boat in the keys! Hopper is a beagle corgi mix, Milo, a purebred Pekinese, and Molly, a lab mix. He also has a strong love for computers, building and fixing them. Mike has a strong love of sports, he spends most of his Sunday yelling at the New York Jets and complaining how they will never make playoffs, but he still has faith!

“I always had a love for dogs, but when I got my first job as a Kennel Care Technician in New Jersey I realized how much I love them and wanted to work with them for the rest of my life. I love training fearful dogs; it’s really satisfying to see a dog learn to trust. It’s a joy to see the owner’s face when I tell them how great their dog is doing.”

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