Meet the Staff

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Meet the Training Team

All our trainers are active advocates of science based fear-free dog training. Our trainers are committed to encouraging the dogs in our care to enjoy training and become more confident and well-adjusted pets. We are very proud to say we have the most certified professional dog trainers on our team than any other training company in Miami. Our trainers are committed to continuing education through attending workshops, seminars and conferences in the professional dog training industry. You can always be confident that all of our trainers meet a high standard of excellence, experience and education.

Meet the Customer Care Team

Our customer care team is readily available to answer all your questions and help you get your doggie into training! Whether you just want some information about our facility/programs or if you need to reschedule an existing appointment- never hesitate on calling or emailing the office. Collectively we have over 40yrs of customer service experience- That’s not bad for just two people! You can expect nothing but the best when dealing with our paw-esome team.

Meet the Canine Care Team

Our canine care team is made up of passionate and compassionate dog lovers that take the care of all animals very seriously. Whether it is feeding, walking, administering medications, or even cleaning up after the dogs, you can be assured that the dogs are getting the best care with the most love around. Our care staff position is entry-level, where our techs get the support and experience they need to pursue their dog careers, whether learning to become trainers or groomers the AYP Canine Care technicians are number one!

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

The members of our team that work diligently to keep operations running smoothly. Everything from the oversight and management of all departments to branding and outreach, forms this small patch of AYP specialists dedicated to making the business tick.

Be Part of the Funnest Dog Joint in Miami!

We’re 100% committed to your dog’s fun & well being. Come check us out or enroll your dog today!

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