Ashley Lambert is a Professional Dog Trainer and Brand Specialist and is Pet CPR Trained and Certified.

At around age 7, Ashley began studying the art of dog training through whichever source she could. Whether it was television, books, or magazines, she strived to absorb and retain as much useful content as she could and was always drawn to positive training methods. When she turned 12, after having success training her childhood dog, she started her own small dog training business offering services to new dog owners who needed help with basic obedience. Continuing on her journey, Ashley volunteered at several local dog rescues in Miami including Humane Society, Paws4You, and Friends Forever Rescue. Her mission was to help rescue dogs find a home by fostering them and training them in basic obedience skills. She continued her training education by taking clicker workshops, becoming part of a close knit YouTube junior trainers community, and learning the art of shaping. Ashley also used to work under proficient sports dog trainers in agility to earn herself some free classes and learn more about sport dog training.

Throughout her life, Ashley dedicated her time to animal husbandry and training working with private zoos and wildlife refuges. She’s been a keeper, dietitian, and presenter and enjoys educating the public. Teaching has to be one of Ashley’s great passions, and she has spent countless hours tutoring and being a mentor to underprivileged children, but her love of training dogs supersedes her wealth of teaching experience. Ashley has also held positions as an animal photographer, event photographer, and a Content Creator for a local Marketing company.

She specializes in training dogs that have issues with reactivity, dog sports training, general obedience, and tricks. She owns 2 rescue dogs and one Border Collie that she trains and compete with in Canine Agility, a sport she’s been involved with for over 8 years. She has also begun dabbling in dock diving and frisbee. On the cusp of almost 16 years of training experience, Ashley is elated to be helping families with their dogs here at AYP.

“I love teaching dogs and their owners and watching that bond grow between them. Regardless of the breed I always believe that learning to work as a team is half the battle. When you love, trust, and understand one another, good things always follow.”

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