Wilfredo Rodriguez is a Professional Dog Trainer, CPR Certified & Pursuing his CPDT Certification.

Wilfredo Rodriguez got into dog training after a tragic accident with his first dog he owned after. After his tragic loss, he knew his passion for dogs was strong and began to research possible avenues to get into dog training. He found a program called Animal Behavior College and enrolled right away. While taking the course, Wilfredo adopted a Labrador Mix by the name of Chance whom he worked with to practice the art of training. From that moment, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Wilfredo loves to do all sorts of training ranging from Private Sessions, Group Classes and even In-Facility Training.

Wilfredo met Dee through the Animal Behavior College program and she brought him on as her apprentice. Following his apprenticeship, he was interested in looking for a position as a dog trainer at AYP.

In his spare time, Wilfredo loves to hang out with his dog Chance, 2 kids and girlfriend. He loves to go out to the park and play frisbee with his dog and have the kids practice with Chance, so that even the children understand how to build a positive relationship with him using love and patience.

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