What you should know about Doggie Day Camp 


 Your dog’s day of Doggie Day Camp includes:

  • One hour of customized training
  • Off-leash supervised playtime
  • Water breaks
  • Nap time
  • Bathroom breaks

What to bring:

  • High Value Treats
  • Leash with collar/harness
  • Your Doggie!

What do the dogs do all day?

  • Your dog will be rotated between playtime, bathroom breaks, training and kennel time.
  • Supervised playtime is held in the morning and afternoon. Dogs will be paired with other dogs who share similar play styles.
  • Training is a one hour session where the trainers work on your listed training goals based on your dog’s profile.
  • Bathroom Breaks consist of your dog going to our outdoor grass area; dogs will be taken out three times during the day.
    • Please be sure to potty your dog before coming to camp and on pick up (before getting in the car!)
  • Including private kennel time, dogs have open access to water in parks throughout the day to keep them hydrated. Dogs are kenneled in increments during the day for rest in between play time. 

Please Note

  • Any food/treats brought will be used during training only; no meals are fed for Daycamp.
  • New environments can cause some dogs to become anxious or stressed which can lead to diarrhea while different treats/food can also lead to a dog having an upset tummy.
  • Since your dogs are playing with other dogs, there is always the possibility of your dog coming home with a cut, scrape, bump or bruise! It’s nothing to worry about and if one of our staff notices we will let you know in the report card at the end of the day or one of our care staff will notify you at time of pick up.
  • It’s normal for your dog to be very thirsty following camp!
    • Even though the dogs have plenty of access to water some dogs are too stimulated/excited to drink normally while at camp
  • You can call 786-529-7833 and push option 3 to check on your dog at any time during the day

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