Happy dog owners all around Miami: Thank you!

Thank you so much

Good afternoon,

I hope this email finds you all well- I just wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ to Tomas for the training. Sammi is a whole new dog (in the best way possible), I’ve been applying what I was taught and she’s responding. It’s been amazing these past few days since I got her back and I regret absolutely nothing.

Adrianna M. López-Colón

Loving Training & Boarding

I had my beautiful pitbull Gypsy boarded and trained at Applause Your Paws. To begin with, it was apparent everyone who I came in contact with, when I dropped Gypsy off, loves dogs. I took a trip for three weeks, and the change in Gypsy is remarkable. Julia debriefed me, and it was so clear to me, after the initial greeting from Gypsy, Julia trained her lovingly and calmly. The Report Cards were essential and lowered my concerns about being gone for so long. Gypsy is not just a pet, but she is part of my family as a child of mine. Usually, when I walk Gypsy the first time after boarding, she pulls and is challenging to handle. This time, our first walk was so pleasant. She listened and was able to sit and consistently stay. I am grateful for all the work done by Julia, and everyone who helped by loving Gypsy. Thank you.

Dr. Debra Diaz

Great at rehabbing dogs with fear aggression

I cannot say enough great things about Applause Your Paws! My dog and I absolutely love them. I have been bringing Reese to them for over 8 months and his transformation has been wonderful. Reese is a medium to large sized mixed breed dog from Miami Dade shelter. He was at risk of being put down because he was extremely anxious and had fear aggression most likely from being abused. He was very nervous and emaciated when I got him. He quickly grew to love me and be comfortable around me, but strangers, especially men and other dogs were another story. He would growl and often lunge at people and dogs outside of our home. He improved some with a personal trainer but it was still hard to socialize him to random people and new dogs. So after reading a lot of reviews I called AYP and described his behavior, being worried that they wouldn’t be able to take him. I spoke to Gonzalo who reassured me that they had handled cases like him before and that he was confident they could help us. And he was so right! They took his issues into consideration from the first time I brought him in and always treated him with both the appropriate caution and lots of compassion. I’ve taken him there 1-2 times a week since then and he is far less anxious both there and at home and has a much easier time in public. The trainers also write report cards for every time he goes to Daycamp and not only can I follow his progress but I also get tips and tricks on how to handle him myself. I’ve learned a lot and so has Reese. While we still can’t just walk up to a stranger and have him be comfortable, he’s come a long way and I’m confident that he will get there with AYP’s help. Can’t thank you all enough, especially his trainers, Camille, Julia and now Will!

Madalsa Patel

We reached out to Applause Your Paws, desperately seeking some behavior modification for our dogs...

We reached out to Applause Your Paws, desperately seeking some behavior modification for our dogs (3). Without hesitation, AYP, serving only the Miami Dade area, sent one of their wonderful trainers to our home in Broward for a private sessions. Every one of the staff members I have ever had to speak with, takes the time to listen to our story and makes every effort to accommodate us. After the one private session with Camille (who is AWESOME), we purchased a 10 pack Day Camp, and have been alternating our dogs through the 10 days (yes, I'm making the drive from Broward to Miami, back to Broward for work then back to Miami to pick up, then back home to Broward.... but AYP has been beyond awesome thus far!). At the end of the day we receive a thorough report cards telling us how our dogs performed and behaved during their day. Our pups come home tired, happy, socialized, and slightly better behaved (they're stubborn little things and will take time). I love AYP and speak highly of them to everyone in search of a facility! I can't wait for them to expand to my area!

Yanelle Davis

Applause Your Paws is incredible.

Applause Your Paws is incredible. I have been taking my two Boston Terriers there since they were five months old. They are now four. They started with puppy training and they go twice a week for playgroup and training so they are not so hyper at home. They go crazy when I put the leash on them to go to school because they know where they are going. We’ve also had private lessons at home. I highly recommend Applause Your Paws!

Jan Spitzer

The AYP staff is kind, professional and reliable - Miami Dog and Puppy Training

I give AYP my highest recommendation! As someone who rarely writes a business review, I am happy to write this one due to the professionalism, kindness, and reliability this business has shown.  After getting my first puppy, we signed up for the day camp with training twice a week. My dog now exemplifies basic obedience, a great temperament, and a few cool tricks. It was the consistency and warmth of the AYP staff that excelled her progress. We now go back for the classes and day camps just for fun! They are simply the BEST!

Jillian Mehler, Miami Beach
Rigby, Great Dane

Amazing Results with my Rescue Dog!

Love applause your paws. They have done amazing things with my adopted 85lb boy. He absolutely loves going and has really adjusted well. The trainers are the best. Thor bangs on the door every Wednesday to go to school.  We are so happy!! Highly recommend training, daycamp and dare care services at AYP.

Kara Crotty, Coral Gables, Florida
Thor, Mix Breed Bully

Applause Your Paws is simply the best dog facility in town!

Applause Your Paws is simply the best dog facility in town! They are professional as well as compassionate and loving to the dogs in their care as well as the owners. I have been taking my Doberman for training and daycare there since she was a puppy. Their trainers and staff are at the top of their game. Always on point with her and her changing needs as she progresses in her training. I highly recommend taking your dog/dogs, trained or not, young or old to Applause Your Paws!

Susan Ohara, South Miami
Poppy, Doberman

My dog is now a well behaved, respectful dog!

Duke (he is an energetic boxer puppy) has been with AYP since November. He was trained by Raquel who treated him like her own! First few reports weren't great because all Duke wanted to do was play and not work. The trainers there had the patience and love to  try a different approach. They aren't a one type of training fits for all dogs. Now, Duke is a well behaved, socialized, and respectful dog. Duke is obsessed with daycare there too! He goes a few days a week and comes home happy and tired (A happy dog is a tired dog!).
I'm eternally grateful for AYP staff (Dukes 2nd family), even with the changes Duke has had, AYP has always remained loving and consistent for him....which keeps him happy! 

Sasha Salva, South Miami
Duke, Boxer

I am in amazement of the progress that has been made with him.

I just had my puppy (Ryder) at your facility for the two week board and train program. Julia brought him home yesterday. I am in amazement of the progress that has been made with him. The whole process was amazing from the daily report cards to pictures an videos along the way. Ryder is a rescue pup who had no manners, no fault of his. He needed this sort of intense training program. We now have the tools to continue his training at home. Julia is simply amazing and knowledgeable. I could feel the positive connection Julia had with Ryder. I am extremely grateful and want to ensure Julia gets some kudos for a job extremely well done.
Caryn Nolen
Ryder, Terrier Mix

Thank you and please tell Elise that Kuma has become the best travel dog ever!!

I am beyond pleased with the training my pup received from Elise at Applause Your Paws. I was moving to Thailand in a month and my dog would be flying in the cabin with me. I needed the best, fastest training method so I chose the 2 week board & train program. I visited the facility and met the staff prior to making my decision. Everyone was very helpful, the facility it great, and I was able to come visit my dog as much as I wanted during his stay there. I have a very large 1 1/2 year old American Bulldog who is extremely friendly to people and dogs in public. He doesn't know his size and would jump and play with excitement. So my main goal was to prepare him for travel in the airplane, sitting extended periods of time, and being around crowded public places and remaining calm. The training was amazing and my dog has now flown 3 times in the cabin including a 20 hour journey to Thailand. He goes everywhere with me and gets complimented all the time on how well behaved he is. I am extremely grateful to Elise and Applause Your Paws for making my "baby cow" the best travel companion ever.
Thank you a million times
Courtney Watkins
Kuma, American Bulldog

Big and clean facility that values positive reinforcement and brings out the best in dog owners.

My dog and I LOVE AYP. Big and clean facility that values positive reinforcement and brings out the best in dog owners. We've done both group classes and privates with Alex. Thank you Alex for helping us progress and giving us so much confidence! Your passion for training is contagious.

Julie Travers
Brooklyn, Bully Mix

Thank you ALEX for the love you have bestowed our dogs

Let me start by stating that I DO NOT WRITE REVIEWS! However, after having Alex of Applause your Paws train our 3 dogs-- it is very deserved.

In a matter of months the love and affection that Alex has showered our dogs with has made him part of our family (our pack).

We have three dogs of different ages (from puppy to adult) and we had issues with an alpha dog, shy dog, a control freak dog, and a baby! Alex's dedication and love towards our dogs in a short period of time has really made a huge impact in our lives and that of our doggies-he is now part of the family. I have used trainers in the past (several well known companies) and none of it worked. We feel very lucky and fortunate that we found Alex - the dog trainer. He is affectionate and playful with the dogs and is able to earn their respect and loyalty. Alex you have made such an impact and such improvement that we look forward to our weekly sessions (and the dogs too). We are forever grateful for your dedication to our pack and the high level of skill and knowledge you have bestowed our dogs! XO, Liz and LM

Liz Messianu
Salma, Bully Mix

Love the trainers and techniques

We have had in home personal training as well as day camp and train and board. Alex has been to our house several times and was excellent - he worked directly with our 10 year old son and within one session our son and rescue dog (who came with a few quirks) were already bonding. The positive approach to training lets us know our dog is in good hands and gives us peace of mind.

Maureen Pearcy
Cubby, Beagle mix

Awesome Sauce

I left my furry kids with Dee and her crew for the first time ever since I have had dogs. I would never leave my furry kids with anyone except my mother but I made an exception because it is Dee. The service here is GREAT. They are constantly sending you emails since the very first moment that you enroll the doggies. My Ferra (old greyhound) is a lovie. I knew she would be fine. BUT my Buster (2 year old Doxie with a bite) is chaotic. Dee's team (specifically Raquel with Buster) were awesome. I was out of the country with limited access to phone messages and I would get long and detained emails every day from a member of her team telling exactly what the dogs had done that day and how they were behaving and feeling. This made me feel less guilty about leaving my doggies behind. Upon their return home Ferra was of course fine and smelling GREAT btw!!! And Buster was a completely different dog. Much less anxious and much less barking! I was so happy with their care and I wholeheartedly and without any hesitation recommend this company!

I think my dog loves Mike more than she loves me now!

As always Mike was great! He was patient and really helpful. Every time he comes he teaches Nikki new tricks so quickly it amazes me. I thought Nikki was going to be a hopeless case, but I have made really good strides with some of her bad behavior from suggestions and demonstrations from Mike. He answers all my questions patiently and he's very good and gentle with Nikki and she has responded so positively to him. I think she loves him more than she loves me now. I'm so happy that a friend of mine referred me to Applause Your Paws. I really needed some help with Nikki. She's a gorgeous, sweet, loving little, rescue girl, but she came with a lot of baggage and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful progress I've seen in her from working with Mike, which I am positive I never would have been able to do on my own. - Looking forward to my doggie daycare session to help get her more socialized. Thanks!


Diane Krams
Nikki, Maltese

I learned more in 1 hour from Alex than from several other trainers I've tried!

Had our first session with Alex, yesterday, it was great.  I learned more from him in 1 hour than I had from several other dog trainers I’ve tried in the past.  I feel really encouraged!  I look forward to our session next week. Thank you for sending a post-doggie email and asking for feedback.  Great touch and excellent customer service. Thanks again.

Holly Lopez
Kobe, Lagotto Romagnolo

I have always had the best experience with Applause your Paws

I want to congratulate Britney on her ability to work with myself and Jacobo!!
Although I am positive her expertise let her handle Jacobo in the best way possible, I have to confess I was a little nervous when I saw him growling and barking at her, even though she had worked with him before.  However, she handled the situation professionally and made Jacobo behave throughout his private training session. Turns out we needed more training than him. 🙂
We scheduled the lesson as we recently had an incident with my neighbor and Jacobo jumped at him.  Britney made excellent recommendations during our session on how to handle him.  Congratulations again, I have always had the best experience with Applause your Paws from day one.

Patricia L. Tatis
Jacobo, German Pointer

Amazing Results!

I am very grateful to Dee and her staff for the amazing results they achieved with my foster dog. Skippy was an MDAS survivor who lacked socialization and was either neglected or abused. When I first rescued him he attempted to bite me more than once simply for being too close. Any visitor would be greeted with intense growls and him ready to lunge. It got to the point that Skippy was muzzled when guests were around and whenever we took him out in public. The first two adoption events were utter failures and gave me little hope that he would ever be placed for adoption. However, thanks to the team at Applause Your Paws, Skippy is now confident enough to go to adoption events, as he is more trusting with strangers. While he still won’t run into someone’s arms he is more than happy to show them all the obedience that he learned during his stay. Thank you AYP for your support. Skippy & I are very grateful for the hard work. You guys are great!

Cristiana Cerutti
Skippy, Terrier Mix

I will definitely be a repeat customer

Alex was amazing! He was so professional with my dog and me and taught me many lessons. My dog loved him and he immediately made my dog feel comfortable. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Will recommend to others. Thanks again!

Mary Wolff
Aladdin, Havanese

Our dog loved every class!

I'd like to thank the Applause Your Paws team for their dedication to our confident, stubborn, jumping bulldog over the past two years. We first signed up for an in-home training session, then weekly group lessons, then the full two-week board and train program followed by weekly obedience classes and occasional board and train sessions. Our dog loved every class and learned how to obey despite impulse control issues, and thanks to Dee we learned a lot about how to appropriately handle a difficult dog. Thank you!
Katie Roman

We loved our In-Home trainer!

We completed our sessions with Mike yesterday. He "trained us" to be the perfect pet parents for Nitro.  Our 'vicious' rescue turned out to not be a vicious dog at all, thanks to him. Nitro just needed a minute to acclimate himself to his new life!  We will be bringing both dogs up in the near future for doggy day camp. Again, Mike is fantastic!

Robin Grahl

Hands down the BEST dog training staff and programs!!

I have never met a more caring group of people! I needed help training my very energetic Jack Russell mix, with a few problems including separation anxiety. I took advantage of both private lessons at home and day-care training. At first, it was very difficult for Dexter to stay away from me by himself all day at daycare. But with the help of trainers, Elise Lorenzo and Camille Personne this is no longer a problem. Nowadays I drop off Dexter, and he goes in with his tail wagging into the facility. When I come back to pick him up if Elise and/or Camille are around, I'm lucky to get a proper hello. Private lessons are excellent because not only is Dexter getting trained but I'm also able to observe closely and learn what not to do. It's a great way to have a one-on-one with your dog and trainer. The before and after transformation with Dexter is astonishing!! All my family and friends have noticed the difference. He is still my silly little boy but happier and much more well behaved. I can't express and thank enough the AYP staff for all that they have done.

Clarice Lopez

AYP Takes Dog Training Seriously

Putting your pets’ wellbeing in the trust of others is never easy. When we adopted our mix breed rescue dog Ollie we knew getting him trained was very important. After trying a few different daycare and training centers it became obvious to us that we needed to find a training center that took training more serious. Thankfully we found Applause Your Paws dog  training in South Miami, Florida.

Driving from Brickell to the AYP Canine Training Center in South Miami was not easy, but worth each trip. The attention to detail by AYP made each trip worth the time and distance. Each session was followed up with detailed emails and recommendations on what we can do at home.

The variety of training courses offered was a key motivator for us. We chose to do a board and train program, day camp and group classes. The combination helped Ollie and us get trained.

Now I am happy to report that Ollie is a certified Therapy Dog, very obedient and over the issues he brought home from the kennel. We credit AYP with all that Ollie has accomplished.

While Ollie has achieved what we set out for our relationship with AYP is not over. We plan to board Ollie during vacations and participate in group classes to continue to train Ollie for years to come. Ollie still attends AYP's training Day Camp program and is currently working on some fun dog tricks.

I highly recommend Applause Your Paws.

Frank Moreno and Brian Monaco
Ollie, Mix Breed Rescue Doggie

Finding a New Forever Home

We acquired Mr. Big, a 5-year-old male Labrador Retriever, after he leash lunged at another dog at his previous owner's condo complex. We were relieved to find out that he's not dog aggressive thanks to your professional dog assessment and the Train to Adopt program. Your training, and generosity towards Labrador Retreiver Rescue, is the reason that Mr. Big is successful in his new home. We can't thank you enough for helping us with Labradors that need that extra push to get adopted!
Kim Bernert
Labrador Retreiver Rescue of South Florida

Everyone Loves Lucy!

You came highly recommended by our friend Maggie whose Labrador Retreiver you had previously trained. We were beyond thrilled when we realized we were going to be able to enroll our puppy into your puppy bootcamp program straight from the breeder. Your having Lucy during her critical time for learning and training has made all the different in the world. We still can't believe sometimes how good she is! Thanks to your program she is properly socialized... plays great with dogs and cats, and she's been so good when we've had people over. I can't thank you enough for teaching how to not jump and interact properly with our kids, who adore her. She sleeps at night in her crate like a good girl. You trained her into the most perfectly mannered pup ever! You are amazing!! The kids love Lucy. Well we all do. My parents, sister, nieces, nephews...Lucy has stolen everyones heart. The four week puppy boot camp (boarding and training) was definitely worth it! I highly recommend Applause Your Paws to anyone looking to set their puppy up for success.
Maria Cosio, South Miami
Lucy the Double Doodle

Excellent, attentive training and follow-up

I brought our American bulldog, Dozer, to the dog trainers at Applause Your Paws dog training in Miami back in December of 2015 for the 2-week boot camp (boarding and training). They were always attentive, and our trainer Martin made sure to follow up with us daily to tell us about Dozer's progress. Even after the training was over, Martin and the staff at Applause Your Paws in Miami, FL have followed up almost weekly to make sure that Dozer has taken to his new regimen. Thank you so much to Martin and the AYP staff for all of your hard work. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Ivan Blanco

Our trainer was patient, compassionate and knowledgeable

Bringing a stranger into your home is always nerve-wracking – especially when you are already stressed about dealing with a new puppy in the home.
The minute Elise came over and started interacting with our Louis, a 4-month-old Toy Yorkie, we knew we got so lucky. Her energy and the love that Louis showed her was always to the MAX! She was so friendly and natural. We made 1000 mistakes, I’m sure, throughout the course of the training, yet Elise always pointed them out in order to teach us without ever making us feel like we were being judged. She was amazing at training US, not just the dog.
Louis is pretty hyper when you first meet him, then tones down once he smells you or licks you enough… Elise calmed him down right away! She is really a beautiful person as we got to know her some throughout the course of the few months of training. Any pet and/or human is lucky to have her around.
We loved Elise and we are so thankful to her for helping us cope with a huge transition in our household with the addition of Louis.
Thank you Miami Dog Trainers at Applause your Paws and Elise for everything. Louis send his love – he says “come to play soon”.. his owners are still not as playful and show as much excitement as Elise!
Michele C. Gonzalez-Vidal, Miami, Florida
Louis, Toy Yorkshire Terrier

We are so impressed with the dog trainers at AYP, Aggression Rehabilitation Experts

We have used Applause Your Paws in the past for in-home dog training, as we have a multi dog household of rescue dogs. After adding a black lab mix, Penelope, to our dog family we became very concerned because Penelope and one of our other dogs got into a really bad fight. Penelope has also shown aggression towards other dogs. I decided to enroll Penelope in the AYP 14-day bootcamp to treat her aggression issues with dogs. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with our trainer and what he was able to do in such a short period of time. We were very nervous to bring Penelope home and to have her around Zeus again after what happened.  Once we had Penelope back home we began to integrate her with Zeus with a leash on, not allowing them on the couch, making them both stay in their place and it has been great.  Zero incidents.  I am looking forward to taking penelope to the group training classes that were included in her board and train program, but also working with Dee in the home. Now that Penelope has been rehabilitated, we need to integrate some of our other dogs and I am confident AYP has the experts to get it done after seeing the results first hand.  If anyone is ever on the fence about enrolling their dog in a board and train please have them call me as a reference -- I am happy to share my experience with others.  Thanks!

Scott Feinerman, Aventura, Florida
Penelope, Black Labrador Mix (Rescue Dog)

Dominant Dog Rehabilitation

After hearing from a few trusted dog lovers how great Applause Your Paws was, I decided to bring in the 1 year old male lab I had just begun fostering through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. As typical for many rescues, my lab Maverick possessed a super dominant personality and lacked any social skills. Without hesitation, Dee and the AYP team, optimistically took on the challenge of socializing him. From initially reacting to almost every male dog he came into contact with, to now being able to work out differences despite his alpha attitude, Maverick is surely becoming a more polite and playful pup around new dogs everyday! I can't thank her team enough, especially Maverick's trainer Jonathan, who was able to give him the social skills and exposure to other dogs he needed. Maverick's dog aggression was my only hesitation in adopting him these last few months and I can confidently say, those concerns have been laid to rest. Just this past weekend I officially adopted Maverick as my own and this choice would not have been possible without the great training at Applause Your Paws. I highly recommend Applause Your Paws Dog and Puppy training in Miami, Florida.

Jessica Culbreath, South Miami
Maverick, Labrador Retreiver Mix

The improvement after boarding and training has been wonderful!

We recently had the pleasure to have our 13-month old mini-Golden doodle – Lola – participate in the Train and Board program with Applause Yours Paws. What a great all-around experience we had – especially Lola!

We had been in search of a place where were felt comfortable leaving Lola for an extended period of time – not only to board but also to get some individual, one-on-one training to “help” her through her very exciting puppy stage! Although I am not certain if Lola will ever completely be out of her happy, social “puppy” phase, she learned invaluable skills that helped her to better control herself as well as several other tricks and tools to help us all live together with much more calm and enjoyment of one another!

As it was very hard for my three young children to be without Lola for 2 weeks (and, of course, my husband and I included), it was always with much anticipation that we waited for our daily email from the trainer(s) which went through – in detail – the specific skills they worked with on that day as well as areas where she was doing well versus still needed some additional work. It really did put our minds at ease to know that she was being taken care of with such personable, friendly and loving trainers. The daily updates (and sometimes photos and videos) were fantastic!

We also had a few one-on-one at home training sessions with Julia! Lola loved Julia (as did we) and she was able to give us some valuable tools to work with at home with the areas Lola at times has a hard time with (grabbing socks/shoes/pens left lying around the house and counters, uncontrollable jumping when seeing another person or animal). Although we realize this is all still a work-in-progress, Julia helped set the foundation for where we needed to start and we still practice these skills with Lola on a daily basis. Her improvement in just a few short months has been wonderful!

We highly recommend Applause Your Paws to any person looking for a loving, caring and fun place to both board your dog but also to train on a group and/or individual level. It has made a difference in not only Lola but our entire family as well!

Michelle Lancelot, Cooper City, Florida
Lola, Mini Gooldendoodle

Deaf Dog Training

When we adopted our first deaf dog, Edison, there were two resources that we found indispensable in learning to live with and train a deaf dog: Deaf Dogs Rock and Applause Your Paws (AYP).

AYP now has a large, full-service training facility to complement their private, in-home training. They are committed to helping homeless animals in shelters and rescues, and without their guidance and support, Edison would not be the most perfect deaf dog ever, second only to Nitro with Deaf Dogs Rock.

If you live in South Florida, I can't recommend Applause Your Paws enough. And neither can Edison.

Bernard Lima-Chavez, Humane Society of Greater Miami
Edison, American Bulldog

A top notch organization

Eight years ago Dee helped acclimate our rescue doggie into our home. Loving, patient, very kind and exceptionally knowledgable! Just recently she paid us another visit to help us train our new bunny! Yes, a bunny. Dee's philosophy and training goes across lots of domesticated animals it's really quite remarkable! I would highly recommended her to come into your home to help train your pet, out in the park or at her beautiful facility. A top notch organization.

Sandy Siegel, Kendall Florida
Bagel, Mix Breed & Charlie Brown the Bunny

You will not do better than to use Dee Hoult and her staff at AYP

Applause Your Paws is the best thing to happen to a pet. We rescued two puppies, Lip and Roo, and they were immediately welcomed into Dee Hoult's fold via Jessica's Puppy Kindergarten class on Thursday nights where they learned their good dog techniques--we learned them too-' and fun with socialization.
Dee is an active community member, animal rights activist, and devoted entrepreneur. She makes sure her whole staff incorporates her professionalism, patience, and pride to ensure the dogs she trains are Canine Good Citizens. She trains the owners too!
Whether it is agility, scent training, good behavior, or more that you need for your puppy or older dog, you will not do better than to use Dee Hoult and her staff at AYP. Your pet family will become part of her family, and you will be as happy as we all are for starting with them.

Lois Seaman & Christie Nudd, Miami Florida
Lip & Roo, Mix Breeds

Your services produce results

I have been bringing my cane corso puppy, Zoey, to Applause your Paws since she was a puppy. I've attended puppy group class, Level 1 group class, have taken advantage of their day-training program to help Zoey be confident and non aggressive around strangers... and let me tell you they are awesome! They helped me with my Zoey and gave me results. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them. Thank you for working with Zoey and I.

Jennifer Cortiella, South Miami
Zoey the Cane Corso

Board and Train really works!

Our dog Max, a young cattle dog mix, just returned home from your board and train program, and the progress that he has made is excellent! We were so impressed when our trainer showed us that Max now responds to heel, sit, down, and stay while walking outside even with the distraction of a nearby cat. Thank you Applause Your Paws!
Chelsea and Eric Gambles, Miami Beach, FL
Max, Cattle Dog Mix

Well respected among veterinarians in Miami, FL

I'm a nearby veterinarian and I strongly recommend Dee and her whole team to all of my clients. Whether it's for problem behaviors, "simple" obedience training (never simple, mind you) or "kindergarten"-style puppy socialization, they do it right.

Not only are they awesome to work with, this group is also the most highly credentialed and is probably the most well-respected set of trainers among my veterinary colleagues. Oh ... and they're well priced, too.

My Violet, Vincent and Slumdog are happy customers!

Patty Khuly, DVM
Sunset Animal Clinic

You empowered me to be able to handle my big strong Cane Corso

I was referred to Applause Your Paws by a colleague who sent their puppy to AYP's doggie bootcamp (board and train). I have two dogs. My male is a 140lb intact Cane Corso, and my female is a 35lb labrador mix. My girl Kika is an absolute sweetheart, but Zeus my Corso was a lot of dog to handle (although also very sweet!). I was overwhelmed by how strong he was, and it made me really nervous how he would react to dogs and people when I was out on a walk with him. I am a personal trainer so I am very strong, but when a 140lb mastiff is lunging, jumping up or pulling on leash it can be very intimidating and overwhelming. I first came into the the AYP Canine Training Center to do private lesson with Dee, who recommended I start group classes with Zeus in order for me to gain confidence handling my over excited boy. After five weeks of classes I was empowered to have full control of my dog while out on walks. Additionally, I enrolled Zeus in doggie bootcamp with Jonathan and love that now I my dog can safely play with other dogs off leash. This was something I was afraid to do prior to working with AYP. I can't thank the trainers at AYP enough for all the encouragement and support. Whenever I need to board my dogs AYP is my first choice. I highly recommend their Miami based group dog training classes as well as their board and train program for obedience and manners.


From Puppy Classes in Miami to Private Lessons AYP is the best

I have attended both the puppy classes and private training from Applause Your Paws with my first, and then second Malamute. I could not have been happier with both services. I have used multiple trainers at this company across the many services they offer. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Their facilities are clean, with ample AC and a huge amount of space. I could not recommend this place more to anyone looking for a group puppy class in Miami, Florida or private one-to-one instructor with a certified, professional dog trainer.

Eric Golnik, Palmetto Bay, Florida
Samson and Delilah, Alaskan Malamutes

We can see the light

My husband and I adopted an adorable dog from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter almost 4 months ago.  We didn't realize how high energy of a dog we had adopted as she was quite sick at the time of adoption.  Over the last few months, we have worked diligently on basic commands and were succesful with this work.  There remained many issues that concerned us and we had a friend refer us to Applause Your Paws.  Dee, AYP's onward head trainer, came to our house and was beyond helpful.  She explained each and every method she used and gave us tips that made sense to us.  We loved her training manner and methods and look forward to a continued relationship as we decrease some of the problem behaviors.

Abby Fisch, South Miami, Florida
Rashi, Terrier Mix

Affordable, Effective & Fun Group Dog Training Classes in Miami

This place is amazing! The classes are affordable and so much fun! I love coming here with my dogs. They offer many different classes. My bulldog mix Lenny took the tricks class and earned his Novice trick dog title, and is now taking the wednesday night agility class. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd see his 70lbs of love running through an agility course. Granted he looks like a sumo doing gymnastics but he's doing it! My other dog Belle is now taking their reactive dog class for her issues with strange dogs. I can't wait to sign them up for more classes! I highly recommend Applause Your Paws for group training classes in Miami.

Jorge Travieso, Palmetto Bay, Florida
Lenny, American Bulldog Mix

I highly recommend the boarding and training program

I was referred to Applause Your Paws (AYP) by a friend of ours who  previously used AYP's  boarding and training services to house train their 1 year old Daschund. We have now used AYP on three separate occasions for boarding and training with our young black labrador retriever puppy, Bane, who was a handful prior to training.  Now at 7 months old he is the great family dog we knew he could be! At AYP's Canine Training in Miami, FL they have accomplished not only the foundations of obedience training with Bane, but Bane no longer bites my children, jumps on  people and is able to focus on his obedience commands with distractions present like other dogs and people. Per AYP's recommendation my family, specifically my 9 year old son, will be taking advantage of their group training classes so that we can continue Bane's education and will definitely be boarding Bane with AYP during our next trip.

Gabriel Hidalgo

Virtual dog training is more powerful than you think

My Doberman Boaz and I have worked on the "hold" cue for the last 3.5 years with no luck. Because I am based in South Carolina, I took a long shot in asking if Dee would be available for a virtual dog training session via Skype. To my surprise this was a service her company already offered! In a half an hour session she observed us working, gave instant feedback, and broke the "hold" behavior down into small enough actions that Boaz was able to quickly and accurately master this new cue. In just seven days I was able to train Boaz to "hold!" For anyone out of state who wants to work with Dee and Applause Your Paws in Miami, FL, consider a virtual consult. They are highly effective -- it's like she's right there with you!

Leah Cook

We learned so much with our Miami Dog Trainer Mike

We were looking for a little bit of help leash training our 10 month old Basset Hound, Annie. We were referred to Applause Your Paws by our pet sitting professional Grisell Figueredo of Pet Steps Sitters.  Our dog trainer, Mike, was very knowledgeable. We enjoyed our session and feel confident we now know how to  continue working with Annie on her leash walking skills. Looking forward to more training in the future!


Tony & Jean Vita

Can't wait to attend another!

My dog King and I really enjoyed the tricks class. Who knew Pit Bulls could balance on a yoga ball! I was amazed by his focus and how much fun he had. The class was easy to follow, and he was able to pick up new tricks very quickly. Can't wait to attend another! Thanks Applause your Paws!

Ginger Monteleone

Magic happened!

We have used Applause Your Paws for three of our dogs. The trainer worked with our Standard Poodle, Dolly, until she passed unexpectedly. In the short time he worked with her, Dolly responded to his positive training methods and actually wanted to learn from him.

Our Australian Silky Terrier, Sadie, resisted all training by several other trainers. Enter Applause Your Paws and the magic happened. Sadie looks forward to his trainer’s visits and his training. Our dogs have all been rescues with unique problems. Our trainer even met our greatest challenge, Lily, also a rescue Standard Poodle.

In just six weeks, our trainer has taken a scared, abused and under socialized dog and turned her into a confident, trainable, eager girl. The staff at Applause Your Paws have the greatest empathy and rapport with their students and their students’ families. Thank you!

Eileen and Neil Farr, Coconut Grove, Florida
Dolly & Sadie, Poodle and Silky Terrier

I wholeheartedly recommend Applause Your Paws

I adopted a two year old dog named Pandora. She is a beautiful, friendly and loving creature. After a couple of weeks I realized that she was a Border Collie mix and her behavior was decidedly collie. So I had adopted an instinctual herding dog. She particularly liked to herd other dogs with her piercing bark and her jumping and spinning moves. I realized that many trainers wouldn’t be right for Pandora and me. Fortunately, after about one month I found Applause Your Paws. They told me that they enjoyed being trainers for both animals and their human owners.  I immediately knew that things would work out well for Pandora and myself. Apart from her knowledge of dogs and how to train them, my trainer brought a genuine enthusiasm and love for dogs to the table. Pandora immediately responded to this and wanted to please us.  Training sessions were based on the behavior I wanted Pandora to exhibit, not some preset thinking.  Thanks to Applause Your Paws I have a well-behaved dog that no longer elicits complaints from neighbors. I wholeheartedly recommend the Applause Your Paws Inc. to all that need help in training their loving pets.

Bob Schwarzreich

The instructor was phenomenal

I just finished the five-week Canine Good Citizen Obedience and Manners training with Applause Your Paws. The instructor was phenomenal and helped me greatly with our Doberman, Trident.  I am so excited that your facility is open and will be taking advantage of other classes offered soon.  Thanks for all you do to make life with dogs so much more enjoyable!

Mirtha and Carlos Salabarria

I was amazed with positive reinforcement!

I started looking online for dog training resources. We enrolled in AYP’s Saturday afternoon Puppy Kindergarten class. We had five puppies in class with our chocolate Labrador Bella --  my son Stefan and I learned so much! I was amazed that with positive reinforcement dog training plus expert knowledge of training techniques for both the pups and us pet parents that Bella has responded wonderfully as well as all the other puppies in the class. Thank you so much for your caring approach to pet and pet parent training!

Pamela Hausler

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