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What makes AYP different than other dog boarding services?

We are a dog training company that take the behavior of dogs on our property very seriously! This makes for a safer and more enjoyable experience for your canine companion while he’s staying with us.

Our professional, certified dog trainers assess each dog coming into boarding on their first day to ensure playmates are matched appropriately and that each dog has a safe and fun-filled play experience while in boarding. Unlike other facilities we have the experience level to cater to shy dogs, difficult dogs and the over-the-top playful dogs. It’s not uncommon to see 30+ dogs at other facilities with only one play park attendant (human) supervising.

That’s crazy!

Like, that’s actually insane…unless you like having dog fights.

We take pride on what we do

We’re very proud of the fact that we have never had a full-on dog fight here at AYP. We attribute that to the fact that we keep our play groups small and require two play park attendants (humans) interact with and supervise the dogs at all times.

Certified dog trainers only

Since our animal care staff are CPAC certified and our trainers are CPDT certified, they are experts in canine body language and behavior. Having expert eyes on your dog during a boarding stay prevents accidents from happening.

There is NO other facility anywhere in Miami that can match the level of experience and certifications our staff have in behavior, canine body language and professional pet care.

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Can I have my dog trained while he’s in boarding?

Absolutely, yes!

If you’d like to have obedience training included in your boarding stay just let us know and we’ll assign one of our certified professional dog trainers to your pup to accomplish your training goals while you’re away.

And, if your dog already has all its obedience training, you can add on enrichment training like agility, canine fitness, a field trip and many other types of training. You’ll receive a report card for each day your dog is enrolled in training.

Where are the dogs walked?

Each dog in our care receives personal walks outdoors to our grassed potty area.

What’s a typical day like for a dog in boarding?

7AM – Dogs wake up at 7AM and go for their first walk of the day.

8AM – Breakfast is served around 8AM.

9AM – Play groups start around 9AM.

12:30 – 1:30PM – All dogs go in for nap time from 12:30-1:30 and resume play after a mid-day walk.

6PM – Play parks close at 6PM and all dogs are walked then moved back into their kennel for dinner.

8:30PM – Final walks begin at 8:30PM.

10PM – Lights out by 10PM.

? If your dog is scheduled for training they are pulled from play park to work with their trainer throughout the day.

What does it include and how much does it cost?

Boarding includes overnight stay, walks, mealtimes, and off leash playtime with dog friends (or individual playtime if needed.)

Standard room – $55/night includes boarding + daycare services.

Deluxe room – $75/night includes boarding + daycare services.

Premium room – $165/night includes boarding + daycare services (includes 2 dogs.)

Please contact our office for further details on our dog boarding services.

786-529-RUFF (7833)

Dog Boarding Checklist

We require dogs be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvo & Bordetella vaccines. Dogs must also have proof of a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months.
Bring your dog’s food. That’s it! We do the rest.
Full payment is due at check-in/ drop off.
Please do not bring any bowls, bedding or toys (keep your dog’s favorite stuff safe at home)
$3/dose medication administration fee.
Unaltered males and females welcome. Dogs older than 7 months that are not spayed/neutered are assessed an additional $4/day intact dog fee.
Weekday drop off/pick up times from 7AM-7:30PM
Saturday drop off/pick up from 9AM – 4:30PM
Sunday drop off/pick up from 12PM – 7:30PM
$25 go-home bath for dogs staying more than 3 nights. You are welcome to upgrade to one of our professional grooming services.

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We’re 100% committed to your dog’s success & well being. Stop by and check us out or enroll your dog today!

786-529-RUFF (7833) 

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