Daycare Hours

Monday to Friday

8AM – 6PM

Drop Off

8AM – 9AM

Pick Up

4PM – 6PM

What: Off leash playtime with other doggies

Where: In our climate controlled doggie play parks (we have three parks!) here at Applause Your Paws. Each playgroup is monitored by at least two of our canine care technicians to ensure safe interactions between canine friends.

Who: All dog-social dogs. Puppies may start daycare as early as 10 weeks of age when they typically have received at least 2 sets of vaccinations.

Why: Because dogs need socialization and play time with canine friends to stay happy and fit!

What makes our daycare service different than all the rest? We have the only PACC certified canine care technicians in Miami on our team! And, because we’re a training company first and foremost, the level of training and education all of our staff has in dog body language, canine communication, and canine cognitive enrichment is much, much higher than those at “regular” dog daycares. Our staff truly know dogs. Because just loving dogs isn’t enough to keep dogs safe and healthy.

Cost: Daycare starts at $30/day a la carte. Contact us 786-529-7833 for all of our daycare rates and packages!




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