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A.K.A. Doggie Daycamp

While you're at work, your dog should be too!

Train your dog. Love your dog. Have a blast!

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What are those dogs doing?

They’re sitting, or laying down, politely for petting of course! 

Dogs who want to jump up, or become over excited to greet people, is our specialty! Teaching and rehearsing “sit politely for petting” is always on the menu in doggie daycamp.

For what kind of dog is Daycamp for?

Do you already send your dog to daycare but have been wanting to also do training?

Or maybe you need to do training but realize you have a very active, or young dog, who could benefit from more exercise as well as socialization with other dogs?

Our Day Camp program could be the perfect fit! Unlike our board and train option, daycamp dogs go home at the conclusion of every “school day.”

A typical day at Daycamp

?  8-9AM Drop off

  • Off leash play with other dogs throughout the day
  • Playtime with staff throughout the day
  • Enrichment with food puzzles during crate/resting time
  • Training sessions are customized to fit your specific training goals
  • 1 on 1 training sessions are completed with certified and professional trainers to accomplish obedience foundations including: sit, down, stay, come, heel, go to place, watch me, leave it
  • Common problem behaviors addressed include: chewing, barking, jumping, biting/mouthing, and much more!
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Consistency of listening around distraction

? 4-6PM Drop off

How will I know how my dog did at Daycamp?

On your first day of camp your trainer will be following up with you personally to let you know how your dog did during this first training session with us! After that, you can call to speak with your trainer at anytime.

786-529-RUFF (7833)

We keep a progress report for each dog we train internally, which you can request at the end of each training package. We’d be happy to share it with you, and discuss your dog’s progress at any time.

Do you want to see what our doggie daycamp program looks like?

Check out our Facebook page at to see all the videos of boot camp dogs in action! They have a TON of fun while they’re away at doggie bootcamp.

We are Miami’s favorite indoor air conditioned canine training facility for a reason… just ask the dogs!

The Funnest Dog Training Joint in Miami!

We’re 100% committed to your dog’s success & well being. Stop by and check us out or enroll your dog today!

786-529-RUFF (7833) 

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