What are AYP’s health requirements?
AYP requires your dog to be up to date with Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella Vaccines, as well as proof of a negative fecal exam within the last 6 months. We also strongly encourage and recommend dogs be vaccinated against Canine Influenza, make sure to speak to your vet about the reality of Canine Flu.

Can AYP administer my dog’s medication?
We would be happy to administer medications as needed, we charge a small fee of $3 per medication, per administration. We ask that you provide any pill pockets, cheese or treats need to pill your dog. Medication should be clearly labeled and it’s original packaging from the Vet.

Can I tour the Facility?
Yes! You may come by the facility at anytime for a quick tour. The BEST would be after our morning and afternoon rush. Between 9am-12pm and between 6pm-7:30pm.

What is the check in & check out time for daycare or boarding?
You may drop off for daycare between 7am and 9am. Boarding reservations have custom drop off times that are determined at the time of reservation.

What is the difference between Daycare and Daycamp?
Daycare and daycamp are very similar with one big difference – training. Dogs in our daycamp program along with a day of play and walks, receive one hour of training towards your designated goals with a certified trainer.

Will my dog eat lunch during daycamp/ care?
Dogs at AYP for DayCAMP will receive their meal throughout their training hour. We ask that you bring their breakfast in a labeled resalable container.
Dogs attending DayCARE only will not be fed during the day, please make sure they eat breakfast before coming in and get dinner after pick up. This ensures that your dog gets the most amounts of playtime and enrichment, versus having to rest for digestion and missing out on fun!

What is the ideal age to start training?
As soon as you get your dog! The earlier you start training, the better off you are in preventing any problem behaviors from starting. No dog is too old to start training either- so whether a brand new 8-week-old puppy or an older rescue, start training within a week of getting them. You can also have a private lesson before you get your dog where a trainer can teach you about potty training and setting up the home for your new dog.

My dog isn’t spayed or neutered – Can it still play with all the dogs?
Both intact male and female dogs are welcome to play with the rest of the pack up until 7 months. After 7 months we can no longer accept unspayed females into our playgroups. This is for the safety of all dogs, but most importantly the female that maybe beginning the stages of being in heat. All intact males will be charged a $4 intact fee after the age of 7 months. Intact males need to be rotated often, and a lot of times will cause challenges with other intact males.

Why is my dog SO tired after daycamp / boarding?
Working AND playing is exhausting! Dogs have a full day of activity, that they may not be used to on a regular basis, once they get home to the quiet and comforts of home, you can expect a snoozing pooch.

Can my dog get sick or hurt while staying at AYP?
Much like sending your kids to daycare or preschool, there is always a chance of catching a dog cold or getting a few minor nicks and scratches while wrestling with their friends. We do our very best to minimize the chances of this happening, but we appreciate your understanding that sometimes, life happens.

Does my dog need to be on leash when arriving at AYP?
Yes! For the safety all our doggies guests, dogs must be on leash when brought into AYP.

What should I bring with my dog when he comes to AYP?
Applause Your Paws provides all the beds, blankets, bowls and toys. Please bring only your dog, their leash, collar/harness and food. Bully Sticks, Antlers or other edible chews (please no rawhides) are encouraged and will be given to your dog during rest times. We have an awesome Chew Bar in our retail area for your convenience.

What if my dog becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?
Our Director of Canine Care will get in touch with you immediately, to go over what the next steps maybe. We ask all owners to complete a Veterinary Release form, should your dog need emergency medical attention, that form gives us & the vet permission to treat your dog as needed (at owners expense).

What will my dog be doing throughout the day if it cannot play with other dogs?
If your dog is with us for Daycamp or Boarding and cannot play with other dogs, your dog will be on our list for individual playtime. The dogs on this list get extra long enrichment walks and will get one-on-one fetch or tug time with one of our Canine Care Technicians, and you are always welcome to add on more training hours.

How are first day assessments done & how will I know how my dog did in playgroups?
Assessments are done with a trainer who will go at your dog’s pace while assessing how your dog did with their obedience, what motivated them, how did they feel and how did they handle our playgroups. First time daycamp dogs will receive a special report card going over their day with their trainer. Please note, not all dogs are suitable for daycamps due to temperament, which can mean they are too overwhelmed and nervous or they are working on social skills.

I just purchased classes online: What’s next?
Awesome! If you haven’t done so already please create your Profile by clicking HERE. If it is within office hours then one of our Canine Coordinators will be reaching out to you shortly to get you on the schedule. You may also give us a call at 786-529-7833, or email us at training@applauseyourpaws.com so that we can coordinate your schedule.


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