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Thanks for stopping by to check out the trained dogs we have available for sale and/or adoption. We are very proud of our Train-to-Adopt program! 

The dogs we have available for adoption come from one of two places:

1. Private rescue organizations: AYP donates boarding space and our training talents to in order to help rescue dogs find a forever home. We’re proud to currently work with our rescue parters at A Way For a Stray, This is The Dog, Labrador Retreiver Rescue South Florida, Dachshund Rescue of South Florida, and Buddies Through Bullies Bulldog Rescue, and Rescue Paws 4 Furry Hearts. Are you a 501c3 Rescue who needs one of your dog’s to receive training? Please contact our office and speak with our Director of Training Programs! 

2. Second Chance Dog Training Program: The Second Chance Dog Training program is a partnership between Miami dog trainer and dog behavior expert Dee Hoult of Applause Your Paws, Inc, Miami Dade Animal Services and Miami Dade County Corrections. Once a week Dee visits her inmate trainers at the “Stockade” in Miami to coach them and their dogs towards earning their AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificates. Each dog who enters the program is a behavior “offender” of some sort. Dee selects the dogs directly from the shelter, and purposefully selects dogs that otherwise may be overlooked as a result of their bad behavior, coat color, age and/or breed. By putting obedience and manners on each dog who enters the program, the dogs get a Second Chance at being adopted, loved, and staying in a forever home. The Second Chance Dog Training Program also serves as a rehabilitation and re-entry program for human offenders serving jail time for non violent crimes. At AYP we believe in second chances for those who are two-legged as much as we believe in second chances for those who are four legged. This program produces new dogs available for adoption every 8-10 weeks. 

Trained Dogs Available for Adoption





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Please check back for available dogs. We rescue dogs (save a life!), then our team works hard to put all foundations of obedience training on each dog to ensure the perfect family pet. The cost of dogs sales varies based on the level of training each dog has. Dogs for sale are no more expensive than adopting your own dog then investing in training. Our hope is that by providing you with a well-trained dog you will want to give a rescue dog the opportunity to be your perfect family pet. At AYP we are passionate about rescue!

Need help with your dog or puppy? Make sure to look around the rest of our site to see what we can offer! We are Miami’s expert positive dog trainers. Committed to well trained dogs, and our community. 


Would you like to request a callback? Callbacks are made during office hours, Monday-Friday from 7AM-8PM. We look forward to speaking with you about your dog!
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