ADOPTED: TAZ, 1 year old American Bulldog. Family Pet.

Taz is a young american bulldog mix who will do best in an active home, or a home with a yard where he can receive daily exercise. Taz is trained to sit, down, stay, heel, come, wait, go to place, kennel up, give paw, house trained, crate trained, and plays great with other energetic doggie friends. Taz is very affectionate and prefers to spoon you at night in bed! Yet, he is also quite content if you’d like him to sleep on the floor or in his kennel. He is non destructive and isn’t a barker. Overall, Taz is a real gentleman. Because he is a bully breed he will be best with an experienced dog owner, or a first time-dog owner who wants to continue his education through training. He is currently being fostered at the Applause Your Paws, Inc.(AYP) Canine Training Center where he enjoys daily doggie daycare+training. For more information regarding Taz or to meet Taz it’s best to contact or to call 786-529-7833.

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