Kaia – Malinois Mix

Kaia - Malinois Mix

Kaia is a 2.5-year-old female Belgian Malinois mix with about 50lbs of love to give! Kaia is an active girl who is perfect for going on long walks, playing ball, or going to the park. She also has a fantastic “off” switch, meaning that she knows how to take it easy, loves cuddling up on the couch and exchanging lots of kisses.

Kaia is dog friendly and extremely people friendly! Her ideal home would be someone who wants a very social, active dog who also loves to snuggle every once in a while.

She knows Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Heel, Come, Go to place, Leave it, and Drop it. Anyone would be lucky to call this girl his or her own!

She is currently located here at the AYP facility waiting to meet her perfect family. Please contact us to meet this sweet girl!

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