Agility Level 2


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If you enjoyed playing with your pups in Level 1, this is the next step! Agility Level 2 focuses on coursework and handler coordination skills.

In Level 1 you learned how to safely have your dog execute obstacles and were taught one or two crosses needed to guide your dog through the course. In level 2 we will touch on fancier moves like serpentines, threadles, blind crosses, and also learn how to walk the numbered course. Whether you’re pursuing competition or just having a great time with your companion, agility is an awesome bonding experience for both dog and handler. 

We ask that dogs requesting to attend this class have already taken our Intro to Agility class which covered obstacle foundations.

Would you like to request a callback? Callbacks are made during office hours, Monday-Friday from 7AM-8PM. We look forward to speaking with you about your dog!
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