Intro to Agility


Instructor: Brian Galea


If you’ve always wanted to try out your dog’s athletic ability because you know they love to run, jump and play then this intro to agility class is for you. Whether you’re looking to compete with your dog or just want to have a great time learning some new behaviors, this class will cover the foundations of the sport and safe obstacle performance. Everything from proper body awareness to inhibition skills are necessary in the game of agility, but are also helpful for your run of the mill house pet. At the end of the day it’s all about fun, so let’s play!

In order to participate in agility class dogs must:

  1. Have a solid (reliable) sit-stay
  2. Be able to focus/work with the distraction of other dogs
  3. Be highly food or toy motivated
  4. Want to stay engaged with their handler for off-leash exercises

If you’ve already completed Level 1 and/or Level 2 obedience your dog is likely ready for some agility training!

Instructor: Brian Galea

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