Get Control Now Workshop


Saturday, May 16th @10AM
Instructor: Dee Hoult 
$75 / 90-minute Seminar; Limit 10 students


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Saturday, May 16 @10AM 
Instructor: Dee Hoult 
$75 / 90-minute Seminar; Limit 10 students

You’d be amazed at what we can accomplish together in just 90 minutes! Whether your dog has no training or just a little, you don’t want to miss this workshop.
It doesn’t matter what it is you’re struggling with, we can help. Our instructor and top dog Dee Hoult has trained thousands of dogs in her 13+ year career. At this point, there’s nothing she hasn’t seen or handled when it comes to dogs.

My dog is already a little older but doesn’t have any training, can I come?
YES. No former training is required.

In this 90 minuet workshop we’re going to teach you how to get immediate control through appropriate leash handling so that you can actually get through to your dog via positive reinforcement dog training!
In this workshop, we’re going to learn how to put a stop to:
*Leash pulling
*Barking and Lunging at dogs 
*Jumping on People 


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