Heeling with Feeling



$95/ 3 part class
1hr per class over 3 consecutive weeks 
Instrutor: Dee Hoult, CDBC, CPDT, CTDI
So many people want their dogs to have that perfect, head up, gorgeous heel. But how do we accomplish it?
Heeling is a very specific skill we teach out dogs, which is different than just learning not to pull on the leash (that’s called Loose Leash Walking). Using clicker training to mark specific behavior come learn what it takes to get that heel that every dog owner gets jealous of. Focused heeling not only looks beautiful, but is great to maintain your dogs attention in a high distraction environment.
Whether you aspire to someday do competition obedience with your dog or you just want to take your heeling skills to the next level, this workshop is for you!
In this workshop we will cover:
Head up heeling
Pivoting/Read End Awareness
Finish into heel, right and left
Clicker training/marking for behavior
Motivation and drive for work
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