Herding – Farm Day Field Trip


Date: Saturday, January 27th
Time: Dogs need to be ready to depart from Miami at 7 AM and ready to load into the van from Oakland Park at 7:30 AM
Instructor: Dee Hoult & Heather Sherman with Mike Horgan from Draxen Farms
$150 / 7 AM – 6 PM; Limit 10 students

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Have your dog join AYP’s Instructor Dee Hoult and Mike Horgan of Draxen Farms for a fun-filled day of sheep herding in Ft. Peirce, FL. 

The $150 fee includes sheep herding facility rental, instructor(s) fee, and transport costs. We’ll provide you with a video of your dog working sheep on the farm. Our K9 transport van will leave AYP at 7 AM from Miami on the day of the trip and pick up dogs at 7:30 AM from our Oakland Park location.  Farm day ends around 3pm, so we anticipate being “home” around 6 PM the same day. We will let you know when our ETA arrival time to the facility is for pick up once we leave Draxen Farms. 

Let your dog do what it was bred to do! 

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