Leash Skills Workshop



Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • Oakland Park Location Saturday, January 22nd @1PM  Instructor: Landon Franciscus
  • Miami Location Sunday, February 13th @1:45pm Instructor: Felisha Fraind

Join us for this intensive 1.5hr leash skills workshop.  All obedience commands are of course important, but the most important skill needed for daily interaction with your dog is definitely polite skills on leash.  This workshop is limited to 10 students and is 1.5hrs. The workshop will start off inside of AYP’s canine training center and then we’ll take our newly learned skills on the road out and about in our warehouse district (outdoors).  In this workshop, we will be sure to recommend not only the right training tools (leads, collar, harness, etc) for you to have leash walking success, but empower you to quickly gain the control over your dog that you desire. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a nice walk with your dog. Let us help you achieve it! And yes, we WILL make awesome progress in just one session. Sign up!  

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