Level 3 – Advanced Off Leash Group Class


Advanced heeling and obedience for competition 

A Great Next Step After CGC — The AKC Obedience Title of Novice

Ready to work on your dogs off-leash skills? Come train for AKC Novice with us! Even if you don't plan to compete, this advanced class will get you ready for the AKC competition ring with the following exercises which must performed both on and off leash in the AKC novice class. 

Heeling, both straight and in a figure eight pattern with distractions 

Stand stay for examination by the judge 

Recall (come when called) with a finish into heel position 

Sit Stay and Down stays with distractions 

Click here to see what an AKC Novice "run" looks like. Perfect score is 200, this team that we found on YouTube got a 194 so its a great example of what can be accomplished. 


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