Tricks 101: 3-week Mini-course


Start date: August 28th @1:45pm
Location: Miami
: Felisha Fraind
Class Length: 3-weeks; 60 minutes

date: No upcoming class at this time.
Location: Broward
: Arika Friedman
Class Length: 3-weeks; 60 minutes


This mini-course of three weeks is useful for those who want to provide their dogs with some additional mental stimulation or just have fun.

Tricks taught in class vary from the following: Spin (left and right), Sit Pretty, Leg Weaves, Back-Up, Pray, Take a Bow, Shake, and Wave. This course is friendly to all ages of dogs including puppies. All dogs must be dog-friendly (or reliably handler-focused) and highly food motivated. Bring different types of treats to keep your dog interested and bring a hungry dog.

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