I am very grateful to Dee and her staff for the amazing results they achieved with my foster dog. Skippy was an MDAS survivor who lacked socialization and was either neglected or abused. When I first rescued him he attempted to bite me more than once simply for being too close. Any visitor would be greeted with intense growls and him ready to lunge. It got to the point that Skippy was muzzled when guests were around and whenever we took him out in public. The first two adoption events were utter failures and gave me little hope that he would ever be placed for adoption. However, thanks to the team at Applause Your Paws, Skippy is now confident enough to go to adoption events, as he is more trusting with strangers. While he still won’t run into someone’s arms he is more than happy to show them all the obedience that he learned during his stay. Thank you AYP for your support. Skippy & I are very grateful for the hard work. You guys are great!

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