I left my furry kids with Dee and her crew for the first time ever since I have had dogs. I would never leave my furry kids with anyone except my mother but I made an exception because it is Dee. The service here is GREAT. They are constantly sending you emails since the very first moment that you enroll the doggies. My Ferra (old greyhound) is a lovie. I knew she would be fine. BUT my Buster (2 year old Doxie with a bite) is chaotic. Dee’s team (specifically Raquel with Buster) were awesome. I was out of the country with limited access to phone messages and I would get long and detained emails every day from a member of her team telling exactly what the dogs had done that day and how they were behaving and feeling. This made me feel less guilty about leaving my doggies behind. Upon their return home Ferra was of course fine and smelling GREAT btw!!! And Buster was a completely different dog. Much less anxious and much less barking! I was so happy with their care and I wholeheartedly and without any hesitation recommend this company!

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