After hearing from a few trusted dog lovers how great Applause Your Paws was, I decided to bring in the 1 year old male lab I had just begun fostering through Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida. As typical for many rescues, my lab Maverick possessed a super dominant personality and lacked any social skills. Without hesitation, Dee and the AYP team, optimistically took on the challenge of socializing him. From initially reacting to almost every male dog he came into contact with, to now being able to work out differences despite his alpha attitude, Maverick is surely becoming a more polite and playful pup around new dogs everyday! I can’t thank her team enough, especially Maverick’s trainer Jonathan, who was able to give him the social skills and exposure to other dogs he needed. Maverick’s dog aggression was my only hesitation in adopting him these last few months and I can confidently say, those concerns have been laid to rest. Just this past weekend I officially adopted Maverick as my own and this choice would not have been possible without the great training at Applause Your Paws. I highly recommend Applause Your Paws Dog and Puppy training in Miami, Florida.

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