You came highly recommended by our friend Maggie whose Labrador Retreiver you had previously trained. We were beyond thrilled when we realized we were going to be able to enroll our puppy into your puppy bootcamp program straight from the breeder. Your having Lucy during her critical time for learning and training has made all the different in the world. We still can’t believe sometimes how good she is! Thanks to your program she is properly socialized… plays great with dogs and cats, and she’s been so good when we’ve had people over. I can’t thank you enough for teaching how to not jump and interact properly with our kids, who adore her. She sleeps at night in her crate like a good girl. You trained her into the most perfectly mannered pup ever! You are amazing!! The kids love Lucy. Well we all do. My parents, sister, nieces, nephews…Lucy has stolen everyones heart. The four week puppy boot camp (boarding and training) was definitely worth it! I highly recommend Applause Your Paws to anyone looking to set their puppy up for success.
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