I cannot say enough great things about Applause Your Paws! My dog and I absolutely love them. I have been bringing Reese to them for over 8 months and his transformation has been wonderful. Reese is a medium to large sized mixed breed dog from Miami Dade shelter. He was at risk of being put down because he was extremely anxious and had fear aggression most likely from being abused. He was very nervous and emaciated when I got him. He quickly grew to love me and be comfortable around me, but strangers, especially men and other dogs were another story. He would growl and often lunge at people and dogs outside of our home. He improved some with a personal trainer but it was still hard to socialize him to random people and new dogs. So after reading a lot of reviews I called AYP and described his behavior, being worried that they wouldn’t be able to take him. I spoke to Gonzalo who reassured me that they had handled cases like him before and that he was confident they could help us. And he was so right! They took his issues into consideration from the first time I brought him in and always treated him with both the appropriate caution and lots of compassion. I’ve taken him there 1-2 times a week since then and he is far less anxious both there and at home and has a much easier time in public. The trainers also write report cards for every time he goes to Daycamp and not only can I follow his progress but I also get tips and tricks on how to handle him myself. I’ve learned a lot and so has Reese. While we still can’t just walk up to a stranger and have him be comfortable, he’s come a long way and I’m confident that he will get there with AYP’s help. Can’t thank you all enough, especially his trainers, Camille, Julia and now Will!

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