I have never met a more caring group of people! I needed help training my very energetic Jack Russell mix, with a few problems including separation anxiety. I took advantage of both private lessons at home and day-care training. At first, it was very difficult for Dexter to stay away from me by himself all day at daycare. But with the help of trainers, Elise Lorenzo and Camille Personne this is no longer a problem. Nowadays I drop off Dexter, and he goes in with his tail wagging into the facility. When I come back to pick him up if Elise and/or Camille are around, I’m lucky to get a proper hello. Private lessons are excellent because not only is Dexter getting trained but I’m also able to observe closely and learn what not to do. It’s a great way to have a one-on-one with your dog and trainer. The before and after transformation with Dexter is astonishing!! All my family and friends have noticed the difference. He is still my silly little boy but happier and much more well behaved. I can’t express and thank enough the AYP staff for all that they have done.

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