I adopted a two year old dog named Pandora. She is a beautiful, friendly and loving creature. After a couple of weeks I realized that she was a Border Collie mix and her behavior was decidedly collie. So I had adopted an instinctual herding dog. She particularly liked to herd other dogs with her piercing bark and her jumping and spinning moves. I realized that many trainers wouldn’t be right for Pandora and me. Fortunately, after about one month I found Applause Your Paws. They told me that they enjoyed being trainers for both animals and their human owners.  I immediately knew that things would work out well for Pandora and myself. Apart from her knowledge of dogs and how to train them, my trainer brought a genuine enthusiasm and love for dogs to the table. Pandora immediately responded to this and wanted to please us.  Training sessions were based on the behavior I wanted Pandora to exhibit, not some preset thinking.  Thanks to Applause Your Paws I have a well-behaved dog that no longer elicits complaints from neighbors. I wholeheartedly recommend the Applause Your Paws Inc. to all that need help in training their loving pets.

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