Bringing a stranger into your home is always nerve-wracking – especially when you are already stressed about dealing with a new puppy in the home.
The minute Elise came over and started interacting with our Louis, a 4-month-old Toy Yorkie, we knew we got so lucky. Her energy and the love that Louis showed her was always to the MAX! She was so friendly and natural. We made 1000 mistakes, I’m sure, throughout the course of the training, yet Elise always pointed them out in order to teach us without ever making us feel like we were being judged. She was amazing at training US, not just the dog.
Louis is pretty hyper when you first meet him, then tones down once he smells you or licks you enough… Elise calmed him down right away! She is really a beautiful person as we got to know her some throughout the course of the few months of training. Any pet and/or human is lucky to have her around.
We loved Elise and we are so thankful to her for helping us cope with a huge transition in our household with the addition of Louis.
Thank you Miami Dog Trainers at Applause your Paws and Elise for everything. Louis send his love – he says “come to play soon”.. his owners are still not as playful and show as much excitement as Elise!
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