We recently had the pleasure to have our 13-month old mini-Golden doodle – Lola – participate in the Train and Board program with Applause Yours Paws. What a great all-around experience we had – especially Lola!

We had been in search of a place where were felt comfortable leaving Lola for an extended period of time – not only to board but also to get some individual, one-on-one training to “help” her through her very exciting puppy stage! Although I am not certain if Lola will ever completely be out of her happy, social “puppy” phase, she learned invaluable skills that helped her to better control herself as well as several other tricks and tools to help us all live together with much more calm and enjoyment of one another!

As it was very hard for my three young children to be without Lola for 2 weeks (and, of course, my husband and I included), it was always with much anticipation that we waited for our daily email from the trainer(s) which went through – in detail – the specific skills they worked with on that day as well as areas where she was doing well versus still needed some additional work. It really did put our minds at ease to know that she was being taken care of with such personable, friendly and loving trainers. The daily updates (and sometimes photos and videos) were fantastic!

We also had a few one-on-one at home training sessions with Julia! Lola loved Julia (as did we) and she was able to give us some valuable tools to work with at home with the areas Lola at times has a hard time with (grabbing socks/shoes/pens left lying around the house and counters, uncontrollable jumping when seeing another person or animal). Although we realize this is all still a work-in-progress, Julia helped set the foundation for where we needed to start and we still practice these skills with Lola on a daily basis. Her improvement in just a few short months has been wonderful!

We highly recommend Applause Your Paws to any person looking for a loving, caring and fun place to both board your dog but also to train on a group and/or individual level. It has made a difference in not only Lola but our entire family as well!

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