We reached out to Applause Your Paws, desperately seeking some behavior modification for our dogs (3). Without hesitation, AYP, serving only the Miami Dade area, sent one of their wonderful trainers to our home in Broward for a private sessions. Every one of the staff members I have ever had to speak with, takes the time to listen to our story and makes every effort to accommodate us. After the one private session with Camille (who is AWESOME), we purchased a 10 pack Day Camp, and have been alternating our dogs through the 10 days (yes, I’m making the drive from Broward to Miami, back to Broward for work then back to Miami to pick up, then back home to Broward…. but AYP has been beyond awesome thus far!). At the end of the day we receive a thorough report cards telling us how our dogs performed and behaved during their day. Our pups come home tired, happy, socialized, and slightly better behaved (they’re stubborn little things and will take time). I love AYP and speak highly of them to everyone in search of a facility! I can’t wait for them to expand to my area!

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