I was referred to Applause Your Paws by a colleague who sent their puppy to AYP’s doggie bootcamp (board and train). I have two dogs. My male is a 140lb intact Cane Corso, and my female is a 35lb labrador mix. My girl Kika is an absolute sweetheart, but Zeus my Corso was a lot of dog to handle (although also very sweet!). I was overwhelmed by how strong he was, and it made me really nervous how he would react to dogs and people when I was out on a walk with him. I am a personal trainer so I am very strong, but when a 140lb mastiff is lunging, jumping up or pulling on leash it can be very intimidating and overwhelming. I first came into the the AYP Canine Training Center to do private lesson with Dee, who recommended I start group classes with Zeus in order for me to gain confidence handling my over excited boy. After five weeks of classes I was empowered to have full control of my dog while out on walks. Additionally, I enrolled Zeus in doggie bootcamp with Jonathan and love that now I my dog can safely play with other dogs off leash. This was something I was afraid to do prior to working with AYP. I can’t thank the trainers at AYP enough for all the encouragement and support. Whenever I need to board my dogs AYP is my first choice. I highly recommend their Miami based group dog training classes as well as their board and train program for obedience and manners.

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