Applause Your Paws is the best thing to happen to a pet. We rescued two puppies, Lip and Roo, and they were immediately welcomed into Dee Hoult’s fold via Jessica’s Puppy Kindergarten class on Thursday nights where they learned their good dog techniques–we learned them too-‘ and fun with socialization.
Dee is an active community member, animal rights activist, and devoted entrepreneur. She makes sure her whole staff incorporates her professionalism, patience, and pride to ensure the dogs she trains are Canine Good Citizens. She trains the owners too!
Whether it is agility, scent training, good behavior, or more that you need for your puppy or older dog, you will not do better than to use Dee Hoult and her staff at AYP. Your pet family will become part of her family, and you will be as happy as we all are for starting with them.

Would you like to request a callback? Callbacks are made during office hours, Monday-Friday from 7AM-8PM. We look forward to speaking with you about your dog!
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