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Make Every Year the Year of the Dog

A new year means new beginnings and a fresh start for new goals. So, for this New Year let's train more! Maybe you got a new puppy, or perhaps your puppy is now an unruly adult. Whichever it is, we're here and ready to give Fido some fresh perspective. January is...

Howliday Safety 101

For every pampered pup this holiday season there’s bits and baubles to be on the look out for. Be aware of these things to keep your pooch safe and out of trouble. Make sure the tinkling tinsel, wires, and glass ornaments are out of Fido’s reach. Pets often break,...

Dog Sports! But Why?

Since the recent banning of the greyhound races in Florida (the 41st state to execute this ban) the world has begun to ask itself a question. Why dog sports? As time has gone on there's less instances of dogs doing what they were bred to do. Hunt, guard, bait,...

Handle It! Canine Agility In Perspective

During last year, we got a few people to scratch the addictive itch we professional competitors refer to as Agility. This sport is an international sensation with it's own version of a World Cup event where teams from different countries compete to see who's at the...

What to Keep in Mind When You Want to Adopt

If you're making a decision to go out and rescue a dog and make them the newest four legged member of your family, know that you have our full appreciation. Using adoption as an option is always something we actively commend. However, there are some things we think...

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